The Three Castles Path

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The historic and beautiful Three Castles Path sits immediately adjacent to the proposed solar farm site at Godsfield. This path is steeped in history,  and links the ancient cathedral towns of Winchester and Windsor.  Most famously it was travelled by King John and his knights in the 13th century at the time of the Magna Carta.

Today it is an immensely popular recreational route, used daily by ramblers, dog-walkers, cyclists and horse-riders, all drawn by tranquility and stunning far reaching views – the best of which are at Godsfield.  From this exact section of the path you can see all the way to Cheesefoot Head, Abbotstone, the Ox Drove Way, the South Downs and even on a clear day to the Isle of Wight.

These amazing views would be completely obscured by the proposed solar site – not only by the panels themselves but by the 2.5 meter high fences spanning the entire 650 meter length of the solar farm,  and by the security surveillance equipment, and the numerous maintenance and storage buildings.

solar farm picture illustrating size of units against a person

The length of the northern border is 650 meters long – the same length as the entire high street of Winchester compared below –

Comparison of two sites for solar farm

Photos of views of proposed solar farm near Alresford from adjacent Three Castles PathGO TO  Three Castles Path website >


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